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Often users will want to file their various artist albums differently to their normal standard albums.

REACT provides a way to name tracks differently depending whether they are various artist or not, using the following variables in REACT.ini:

TrackName_SA=$track$ - $title$
TrackName_VA=$track$ - $title$ ($artist$)
TrackName_SA_acdir=$n - $~t
TrackName_VA_acdir=$n - $~t ($~a)

TrackName_SA specifies the filename for a standard track, while TrackName_SA_acdir specifies the filename for a standard track using ACDIR syntax. Similarly, TrackName_VA specifies the filename for a VA track, and TrackName_VA_acdir specifies the same using ACDIR syntax.

However, the directories used to store these files can only be set once, for both standard and various artist albums, e.g.:

TrackDir_MP3=@mymusic@\$artist$ - ($year$) $album$

If you would like to use a totally different folder structure for various artist albums you should truncate the directory value and add folder creation to the TrackName variables, e.g.:

TrackName_SA=$artist$ - ($year$) $album$\$track$ - $title$
TrackName_VA=Various - $album$ ($year$)\$track$ - $title$ ($artist$)
TrackName_SA_acdir=$A - ($r{DATE}) $T\$n - $~t
TrackName_VA_acdir=Various - $T ($r{DATE})\$n - $~t ($~a)

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