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John33's Ogg Vorbis encoder with a nice drag-and-drop interface. Windows only.


  • Compression from lossless files (Monkey's Audio, LPAC, FLAC, and OptimFROG)
  • Auto-tagging
  • Renaming of encoded files
  • Setting of advanced encoder parameters
  • Use of VorbisGain tags (ReplayGain for Vorbis) on decode
  • Playlist (.m3u) creation
  • And many others!



  • Extract the ZIP file you download (see the Download section below) to any folder.
  • If you use the processor-optimized version (i.e. for P3/AMD or for P4), also copy libmmd81.dll into the same folder. You can get it at RareWares.
  • (Optional) Create a shortcut and copy it into your Start Menu or your Desktop or your QuickLaunch bar... you get the idea.
  • If you want support for encoding from lossless file (other than FLAC support which is built-in), extract the proper decoders in the same folder. You can get them at RareWares.


  • Start OggDropXPd
  • Right-click on the small window

... This is to be continued ...


You can download the latest version from Vorbis page at RareWares.

A highly-optimized version is also available at the Ogg Vorbis Acceleration Project, with the codename of Lancer.