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Musepack is a lossy audio compression scheme created by Andree Buschmann. It is strongly based on the MPEG-1 Layer-2 (MP2) algorithms. Informal listening tests have demonstrated that MPC is one of the best lossy audio encoder at ~140kbps and above bitrates, but competes less well at lower, 'streaming' bitrates such as 32/48/64kbps. This is due to MPC being a subband codec as well as the fact that very little optimization has gone into such low bitrates. As can be seen in various 128kbit/s listening tests, despite the fact that MPC has been optimized little for such bitrates it is in the same class of other modern competitors such as AAC and Ogg Vorbis.


  • One of the best lossy encoder for mid-high bitrates
  • Very fast encoding/decoding
  • Designed to be transparent by default at --standard setting.
  • Open source encoder


  • Marginal support (yet) on portable players
  • No multichannel
  • No specification available
  • Seeking is imperfect (to be fixed in SV7.5)
  • Not streamable
  • Can't be cut/edited
  • No support for sampling rates above 48khz