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Some of us of the HydrogenAudio and foobar2000 like playing multiplayer games. This page keeps track of who plays what game and the in-game IDs. Meet us on #foobar2000 or #hydrogenaudio.

Battlefield 3

  • Case: ceissi, diminish: diminish555, Garf, kode54, Kohlrabi, Luckz, Zao Fishbones

Diablo III

  • chaosblade: RanSagy#2327, Chastity#1134, diminish#2279, Kohlrabi#2502, luckz#2263 (EU Starter), Maestro#2247, Zao#2663

League Of Legends

  • Kohlrabi, Zao

StarCraft 2

  • diminish#186, Garf, Maestro^, y4n

(aren't char ID codes or real IDs needed, or battletags whenever the game supports them?)

Tribes Ascend

  • Luckz

World Of Tanks

  • Kohlrabi, Luckz, tomek