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Lancer is the codename for the highly-optimized suite of Vorbis libraries and utilities by BlackSword of the Ogg Vorbis Acceleration Project.

The latest version, Lancer 20061110, is based on aoTuV Release 1. It includes the accelerated versions of:

  • Oggenc 2.83
  • OggDropXPd 1.8.9
  • Vorbis Dynamic Link Libraries (ogg.dll, vorbis.dll, vorbisenc.dll, vorbisfile.dll, libvorbis.dll)

Platform-specific builds

Starting version 20060506, BlackSword provides several builds of the Lancer Suite. Each of these builds is optimized for a specific platform. Here's a quick run-down (not exhaustive!) of the builds:

  • SSE: AthlonXP (Barton core and older), Pentium III
  • SSE2: Athlon64, Opteron, Pentium IV
  • SSE2MT: Multi-threading version of SSE2
  • SSE3: Athlon64 Rev E (Venice & San Diego core), Pentium IV (Prescott core), Core Duo (Solo)
  • SSE3MT: Multi-threading version of SSE3 for Athlon64X2, Pentium D, Core Duo (Dual), Core2 Duo (Conroe & Merom cores)

Theoretically, the MT builds should run faster on Hyper-Threading capable processors or Multi-processor systems (including Multicore processors).

Newer processors should support SSE3. It is recommended that you confirm this with, either your processor manufacturer or someone familiar with your computer architecture. You have the ability to test, whether or not a certain SSE level is supported by your processor: Simply download and run Oggenc 2.83 for the SSE level that you plan on testing. If your processor does not support it, Oggenc 2.83 will tell you so and exit.

See also

Processor & Chipset Information

You can use these freeware applications in order to test your computer's architecture and chipset.

Linux users can try cat /proc/cpuinfo