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K3b the CD/DVD Kreator
Developer(s) Sebastian Trüg, christian Kvansy, Michał Małek
Release information
Initial release {{{released}}}
Stable release 2.0.2
Preview release
Operating system Linux/BSD
Additional information
Use CD/DVD Authoring
License GPL v2
Website http://www.k3b.org


K3b Version 2.0.2 Using KDE Development Platform 4.11.2

http://www.k3b.org Licence: GNU General Public Licence Version 2 (GPL v2)

K3b is a full-featured CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning and ripping application. It supports a variety of project types as well as copying of optical media, burning of different types of images, and ripping Audio CDs, Video CDs, and Video DVDs. Its convenient user interface is targeted at all audiences, trying to be as simple as possible for novice users while also providing all features an advanced user might need.


These are some common features that K3b supports like most CD/DVD burning applications:

Data CD's

  • Add files and folders to your data CD project via drag'n'drop.
  • Remove files from your project, move files within your project.
  • Create empty directories within your project.
  • Write data CD's on-the-fly directly without an image file or with image file. It's also possible to just create the image file and write it to CD later.
  • Rockridge and Joliet file system support.
  • Rename files in your project.
  • Let K3b rename all the mp3/ogg files you add to your project to a common format like "artist - title.mp3".
  • For advanced users: support for nearly all the mkisofs options.
  • Verifying the burned data.
  • Support for multiple El-Torito boot images.
  • Multi-session support

CD Copying

  • Copy single and multi-session data CD's
  • Copy Audio CD's
  • Copy Enhanced Audio CD's (CD-Extra)
  • Copy CD-Text
  • Add CD-Text from CDDB
  • CD Cloning mode for perfect single session CD copies

DVD Writing

  • Support for DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W)
  • Creating data DVD projects
  • Creating eMovix DVD's
  • Formatting DVD-RW's and DVD+RW's
  • K3b effectively makes use of command-line utilities CDRDAO, CDRecord and growisofs to handle the actual writing of information to a disc.

K3b Guides

Development API

Optional components

Optional plugin-ins that can be used with K3b for encoding, decoding, ripping, and misc purposes.

External links

  • K3b Handbook the official K3b handbook for using the application. (PDF)