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The iPod is a portable Digital Audio Player from Apple Computer, capable of playing various file formats (see below). In addition to its audio capabilities, the iPod may also be used as an external hard drive. Designed by Apple's Industrial Design Group under Jonathan Ive, iPods are distinguished by their small size, simple user interface designed around a central scroll wheel, and FireWire or USB 2.0 connectivity. As of October 2004, the iPod was the most popular DAP in the United States, with 82% market share of HD-based players. It is also the most popular DAP in the world, with over 50% market share of all DAPs combined.

There are basically 2 physical versions of the iPod:

  • The Hard Drive-based iPod: iPod, iPod Color/Photo, Video iPod
  • The Flash-based iPod: iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano

Supported formats

Out-of-the-box, the iPod supports the following formats:

Newsflash: with a suitable Rockbox firmware, Apple iPods can also play the following formats:

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