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Unable to register on the site's forums!!!

You do know that the security spam code thing on the registration page doesn't load properly making it impossible to register right?

Actually it should work now. Please report.

Boy I'm confused. I registered successfully but can not start new threads or anythig else for that matter. This is the only place i can find to enter anything. Web master - can you check my account?


Could we get a direct link to the foobar portion of the wiki on the main page


due to H.A being a major support site for Foobar 2000.

Also could there be a note and a link on the main page that says that there is a more complete list of topics on the index page

maybe saying something like that this page is a brief summary of topics on H.A.K. a more complete list can be found here.

And maybe some fun positive words to encourage people to participate in the wiki

and to make a note that when people submit "knowledge" to the wiki, that is safe from vandalisim. e.g. people won't loose there work by some idiot.