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Come join where the actions are! Go to the Hydrogenaudio forums.

What can you do there?

  • Ask questions, be it technical or not, about audio coding and technology.
Note: Before asking a question, make sure to use the search facility of the forum and the Wiki. We don't mind Frequently Asked Questions that pop up occasionally, but too often these become "Frequently Annoying Questions"
  • Participate in (sometimes heated, sometimes wacky) discussions regarding Digital Audio.
  • Receive "early news release" of the latest applications and utilties.
  • Alternatively, be the first to break out important earth-shaking news that is about to rock the audio world.
  • Contribute to global peace! Help fellow HA-ers in their quest to reach Digital Audio Nirvana


Please read the Hydrogenaudio Forums Term of Service before posting or replying. Trolling the forums and spamming the wiki will result in a permanent ban from the website (including over-zealous Audiophile claims and "magical thinking", see TOS #8). Be smart, play it safe, and use the forums as beacon of guiding light to have all your questions answered and prepare to be enlightened.


Hydrogenaudio and it's members stay within fair grounds of the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act, see TOS #9) 17 U.S.C. §§ 512 U.S copyright law passed in 1998 by president Clinton. Recently, as of November 2006 the DMCA was amended to include exemptions from copyright law. Questions within the legality of those exemptions can be answered on the Hydrogenaudio forums. Any questions outside of this law cannot.


Every now and then, your friends at Hydrogenaudio arrange some events for public participation. Check out what events are being held at the Current events page.