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Hydrogenaudio is an internet community designed to be a focal point for information related to all facets of audio technology. Hydrogenaudio features several forums for many audio related topic, a forum portal and this Knowledgebase

In mid 2014 the original hydrogenaudio.org domain was due to expire and the forums, wiki and other features were duplicated at the new domain hydrogenaud.io allowing links and citations on other sites to be updated using a simple search & replace.


Here you can find various versions of the logo for linking on your own page or for any other use you might have for the Hydrogenaudio logo.

Standard Hydrogenaudio logo as seen on at the forum:

Normal HA logo


Taken from this HA thread.

The logo symbolizes the spreading of information as well as expanding sound waves. It's easily recognizable and can also be modified to a smaller logo for sites that want to link to HA. The text is simple and non-distracting. It was decided not to have headphones in the logo, as it wouldn't be individual and original enough.


Adobe Illustrator version of the Logo
Download (205kB).
This is the original vector version of the logo. This will render correctly in Adobe illustrator.
EPS version of the Logo
Download (245kB).
Alternate vector version. Might not render correctly.
SVG version of the Logo
Download (2kB).
Alternate vector version. Might not render correctly.
Oversized PNG version of the Logo
If you don't have a vector program you can still get a decent resolution with this oversized version.