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Official Guides

Word formatting

''Emphasize'', '''strongly''', '''''very strongly'''''

Emphasize, strongly, very strongly

HTML tags you can use

Typewriter font for technical terms

<tt>monospace text</tt>

monospace text

Small text

<small>small text</small>

small text

Strikethru text

<s>strike out deleted material</s>

strike out deleted material


same as headlines/chapters/sections

First, second and third level headings

=New section=



A first level heading is for example the "Word formatting" heading on this page. The "Bullet lists" heading on this page is an example of a 2rd level heading.

The "Table of contents" box you see at the top of this page will appear automatically when you have used 4 or more headings. First level headings are shown as x, 2rd level as x.x and so on.

Internal linking

[[Main Page]]

Becomes a link to the Main Page of this Wiki.


Becomes a link to the MPC page but Musepack is written instead like this: Musepack

A postfix added right after a normal internal link is added to the written word in the final document, but links to the page without the postfix.

[[Critical band]]s

Becomes: Critical bands

Linking to a headline at a wiki page.

You can link to a headline on another wiki page.

[[AAC#What's the best AAC encoder?]]

Becomes at link to the headline "What's the best AAC encoder?" at the AAC page like this: AAC#What's the best AAC encoder?

You can also replace the text written on the final page.

[[AAC#What's the best AAC encoder?|Read about the best AAC encoder]]

Becomes: Read about the best AAC encoder

External linking

Remember to start with "http://".

Bare URL


Named link
[ The best audio resource on the net]

Becomes The best audio resource on the net


Bullet lists

You can make bullet lists with "*".

* First level list object
** Second level list object
*** Third level list object
* Another first level list object
  • First level list object
    • Second level list object
      • Third level list object
  • Another first level list object

Numbered lists

You can make numbered lists with "#".

# First level list object
## Second level list object
### Third level list object
# Another first level list object
  1. First level list object
    1. Second level list object
      1. Third level list object
  2. Another first level list object

Mixed lists

You can even make mixed lists like this.

* You can even do mixed lists
*# and nest them
*#* like this
  • You can even do mixed lists
    1. and nest them
      • like this

Definition lists

: the item's definition
the item's definition


You can insert images using the syntax:

[[Image:filename|options|caption text]]

The last item added will always be considered the caption text.

Stans alone image


Small HA logo.png

Stans alone image with alt-text

You add "|caption text" after the image link. This is the text most browsers will show when you hover over the image with the mouse.

[[Image:Small_HA_logo.png|The HA logo]]

The HA logo

Images options

The HA logo
thumbnail, thumb
Generates an automatically resized thumbnail image (either reduced or enlarged).
Caption text is displayed directly underneath. An "enlarge"-icon is added.
If you do not specify where the image should be place it will be places to the right.
Example to the right (in this example the image is enlarged because it is small):
[[Image:Small_HA_logo.png|thumb|The HA logo]]

Makes the image right-aligned.

Same as above, but left aligned.

Same as above, but centered.

The image will be rendered inline, even if the thumbnail-option is set.

The HA logo
The image will have a frame, regardless of whether it is a thumb, and the caption text will be included as a visible caption.
Example to the right:

Renders a version of the image that's [size] pixels wide (e.g. '150px').
Height is computed to keep the aspect ratio (i.e. the shape of the image).
This allows both size reduction and enlargement.

Combining options
You can combine the options as you like. Example (as you see below resizing is often not very good):
[[Image:Small_HA_logo.png|50px|left|none|The HA logo]]
The HA logo

[[Image:Small_HA_logo.png|none|frame|The HA logo]]
The HA logo


{| border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="3"
| 1 || 2
| 3 || 4
| 5 || 6
1 2
3 4
5 6

See also WikiMedia table guide

Using HTML

HTML is enabled at this wiki but you should only use it when you are quite sure that there is no way to do what you need to do without raw HTML. You should check the official guides first.

For special html tags you need to add "<html></html>" around your code.

Additional hints

You can avoid that the wiki system proccessing the text (to avoid unwanted formatting) by putting <nowiki></nowiki> around the text you want to parse directly.

Getting help

If you need help to work with the wiki you can do the following: