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HarddiskOgg screenshot
recording streams in lot's of formats
Developer(s) Jan Lellmann
Release information
Initial release {{{released}}}
Stable release 2.52 (07.02.2007)
Preview release
Operating system Windows
Additional information
Use recording
License GPL
Website http://www.fridgesoft.de/harddiskogg.php


HarddiskOgg takes a wave input stream from a Windows compatible sampling device (including microphone input and line in) and converts it to an Ogg Vorbis / Wave / Monkey's Audio / MP3 stream. This happens in realtime.

On decent PCs, you can even play the Ogg Vorbis or MP3 file with your favorite player while the recording goes on. This means you can listen for example to the radio in near realtime, but you can take a break whenever you want. With some TV card/sound card combinations it is possible that sound recorded from TV is very low on volume. HarddiskOgg will automatically amplify the input signal before the encoding stage.


  • Real-time encoding with bitrates from 32kbit/sec. up to 320kbit/sec.
  • Stereo or mono recording from 8kHz to 48kHz
  • Automatic numbering of output files
  • Can be placed in the systray and activated by a single click
  • Smart on-the-fly normalization for low-volume sources
  • Uses the free Ogg Vorbis encoding engine
  • LAME MP3 encoder compatible. (You have to include lame encoding DLL, due to patent issues)
  • Command line mode for easy integration or scheduled recordings

Supported formats

Operating Systems

  • Win 95
  • Win 98
  • Win 2000
  • Win XP

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