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is there a way to change the field remappings? for instance, i want to make use of the MB-supplied ORIGYEAR field when possible for the %DATE% field.. --Herr klang 15:33, 12 Jun 2005 (CDT)

IMO, this page is too complicated and too long. Suggest a table formatted version. See titleformat_help.html in your foobar program directory. Perhaps this page should exist as an expanded version to be consistent? --Reglib 02:01, 3 May 2006 (CDT)

 %album artist% Defined as $if3($meta(album artist),$meta(artist),$meta(composer),$meta(performer)).
 %album% Defined as $if3($meta(album),$meta(venue)).
 %artist% Defined as $if3($meta(artist),$meta(album artist),$meta(composer),$meta(performer)).


Returns the disc number. The disc number is taken from the discnumber tag; if that does not exist, it is taken from the disc tag. If neither exist, the field is undefined.
 %track artist% Defined as $meta(artist), if $meta(album artist) is different than $meta(artist), otherwise this field is empty.
 %title% Defined as $if2($meta(title),%_filename%). Returns the title tag if available, otherwise it returns the filename excluding the extension.


Returns the tracknumber padded to two digits from the left with zeroes. The tracknumber is taken from the tracknumber tag; if that does not exist, it is taken from the track tag. If neither exist, this field is undefined.