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The instructions are rather vague, especially as to what happens as a result of your actions. Unanswered questions: Where do you download new components to? (anywhere) Does it matter? (no, Foobar2000 copies the contents)

Can I delete a .component file after it's been installed? (yes, absolutely)

What happens when you install a brand-new component? (Foobar2000 extracts a DLL and copies it to a subfolder under Documents and Settings\<user name>\foobar2000\user-components\)

If you have the dll only, can you install it manually? (yes - create the appropriate folder with the same name as the DLL, put the DLL in the folder, close and restart Foobar2000, go into settings/components and activate it)

How do you delete a component? (right-click the component in the component list and select "remove", or delete the component's subfolder with Foobar2000 closed)

What if the "configure selected" button is greyed out after installing a component? (then the component doesn't have any user-adjustable settings - silly for a compressor/limiter, but true) 14:42, 19 December 2014 (UTC)

Why isn't the above on the actual page?

One more bit: doubleclicking a plugin file (as downloaded) will start foobar2k and it will install it

-- 13:07, 5 March 2022 (UTC) (xerces8 on the forum)