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foobar2000 Mobile

Screenshot of FTP Server
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This tool allows you to manipulate foobar2000 mobile's music library contents, without specialized software or cables. All you need is having your device connected to your local wifi network.


You have full read/write access to foobar2000's documents folder and can freely manipulate its contents.

iTunes music library cannot be accessed in any way.

On iOS, there's a limit to how long foobar2000 can run without being put to sleep. To ensure uninterrupted long-running transfers, leave some music playing while using FTP server.


Android versions 4.x and older let you freely manipulate device contents without any special workarounds.

Android versions 5.x and newer restrict write access to storage folders. foobar2000 mobile currently does not support writing to storage folders on such devices. A workaround will be available soon.

Note that Android does not let foobar2000 take port 21 which is the default for FTP connections. We use port 2100 by default instead.


Full read/write access to any folders indexed by foobar2000.

On Windows Phone devices, there's also private foobar2000 music folder residing within foobar2000's application data; it is not accessible to other apps.

Currently we can't prevent Windows from putting foobar2000 process to sleep while the FTP server is running, you might want to temporarily change device's sleep settings before using this feature.