Foobar2000:Version 2.1 Preview Change Log

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  • Archive reader fixes: Added archive_v4, fb2k::fsItem interop with archives, fixed missing shortname/filename+ext retrieval methods on standard archive reader.
  • Rewritten HLS reader, removed lots of hacks, made remote read-ahead setting used properly.
  • Improved HTTP connection reuse, similar to recent FTP optimizations.
  • Rewritten full file buffer feature, no longer blocks until whole file has been read. Large FLAC files for an example should now open with no delay.
  • Fixed glitchy focus behavior with Default UI tabs container.


  • Added dsp_entry_v4, made possible for DSPs to know their context (playback, conversion, etc).
  • More aggressive HLS segment prebuffering.


  • Fixed FLAC decoder regression, no more falsely reported truncation after seeking.
  • Fixed FTP compatibility regression, modland FTP works again.
  • Fixed WS_VISIBLE bugs in Columns UI adapter (caused console warnings in some scenarios).
  • Fixed some rendering glitches with big primary font selected.


  • Added 32-bit build for 32-bit people.
  • Fixed non-working extraction of .RSN (renamed .RAR).
  • ReFacets layout fixes.
  • FLAC decoder: log premature EOF, mark partially encoded files as bad even if they don't appear corrupted otherwise.
  • Fixed first run dialog text truncation at 175% text size.


  • Public beta versions are now called "preview" and have dates instead of numbers.
  • Preview builds for Windows will be x64 only for now. Other CPU archs will be included when nearing a stable release.
  • Worked around specific internet radio server serving malformed Ogg FLAC headers.
  • Worked around specific internet radio server serving HLS segments with wrong both extension and content type.
  • Dark mode refinements, fixed inplace edit boxes in various controls.
  • Fixed screen reader accessibility issues in Preferences / Context Menu and Preferences / Advanced.
  • Made possible to list WebDAV folders added via 'Add Location'.
  • HTTP client efficiency tweaks. If using HTTPS to access a password-protected resource, password is sent preemptively - old versions would send it only in response to server asking for it.
  • libopus v1.4
  • Made libFLAC and libopus versions shown in components list.
  • Improved FTP playback & listing, fewer connections used.
  • Made FLAC seektable tool also rewrite oversized seektables.
  • Fixes to startup "new UI detected" dialog, obeys system dark mode as foobar2000 UI isn't running yet.
  • Default UI: Fixed toolbar font getting reverted to system default in response to certain events, such as system theme change.
  • Default UI: Fixed media library & playlist search edit boxes being too small if a large font is selected.
  • Added startup console message if profile folder appears to be on a spinning hard drive.
  • Made file format registration check on startup asynchronous, faster and less buggy this way.
  • Properties: Fixed misbehavior of "Clear ReplayGain information" if the dialog was opened for just one track.