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Version 1.6 overview

This is a major update introducing new features and functional changes.


Windows 7 or newer is required, with a Processor that supports SSE2 opcodes (anything made during the last 15 years should do).

Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported.

1.5 series supporting these operating systems will be kept available for download indefinitely. Also, important bug fix updates for 1.5 series will be made for as long as people care to report bugs.

Known issues

v1.6 beta 1 doesn't work correctly if installed without any resampler DSP present. Starting from beta 2, the installer will no longer allow unchecking of standard DSPs.

Notable new features

  • New default WASAPI output.
  • Output-independent implementation of clickless fading (same as in current foobar2000 mobile and foobar2000 for mac).
  • Out-of-the-box 7zip archive reading (Archive Reader component included with setup).
  • WebP cover art support.
  • New Unicode-based filename character substitution in Converter & File Operations.

Removed features

  • DirectSound output (replaced by WASAPI)
  • Removed obsolete edit-replaygain-info menu command since Properties dialog does the same now.
  • Windows volume mixer integration (buggy, rarely used).

Full list of changes

Read the change log

Upgrading from an older version

Just install the new foobar2000 version without uninstalling.

If you want to be extra safe, back up your configuration first.