Foobar2000:Version 1.4.4 Release Notes

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Version 1.4.4 overview[edit]

This is an incremental update improving upon 1.4 series features and addressing reported 1.4 series regressions.

All users running foobar2000 1.4 series are encouraged to update.

Full list of changes[edit]

Read the change log

WMA Lossless decoding bugs[edit]

As of now, Windows 10 ships with broken WMA Lossless codec, producing incorrect output on 24-bit files.

To prevent damage when converting your collection, foobar2000 will refuse to decode relevant files if running on Windows 10. This does not in any way impact users of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

You can install FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper component and feed WMA files to FFmpeg. While FFmpeg doesn't support some of exotic WMA Pro flavours, it decodes WMA Lossless correctly. If you put FFmpeg Decoder Wrapper below foobar2000 WMA Decoder on the priority list, only WMA files rejected by the default decoder will be fed to FFmpeg.

Upgrading from an older version[edit]

Just install the new foobar2000 version without uninstalling.

If you want to be extra safe, back up your configuration first.

See also[edit]

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