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This page provides tweaking/troubleshooting options for the UPnP MediaRenderer Output component.


Controls all settings of the component, including device-specific workarounds.


The options are grouped into sections, delimited by blank lines.

Each section contains options that apply to a specific range of devices.

A section may contain lines defining which devices it applies to: manufacturer, model and name.

For an example:

manufacturer=Sony Corporation


.. means that this section applies only to device model "HT-XT3" by "Sony Corporation".

If you specify multiple manufacturers/models/names per section, the section will apply to each of the possible combinations.



Controls the stream title sent to the device. Typically set in global settings.


Controls the preferred data format to be sent to the device. Valid values are: FLAC, LPCM and WAV. Note that WAV format doesn't support infinite length content without hacks and should be used only if there are no better alternatives; playback may stop abnormally after a few hours of playback due to this.


Set to 'false' to disable sending FLAC to this device, even if the device claims to support it. Some devices claim to support FLAC but fail to play a FLAC live stream or have other bugs affecting FLAC playback.


Set to 'false' to disable sending WAV to this device, even if the device claims to support it. Some devices claim to support WAV but have bugs affecting WAV playback.


Set to 'false' to disable sending LPCM to this device, even if the device claims to support it. Some devices claim to support LPCM but have bugs affecting LPCM playback.


Set to 'false' to work around bugs related to pausing playback; a stop command will be sent to the device instead of pause.


Some devices treat WAV files with zero length in headers as unknown-length and read them indefinitely, which is desired in this case. However this a hack and can't be used with every device out there. Known to work with Linn devices.


Some devices dislike "accept-ranges: none" HTTP header, set this to 'false' to suppress this.


Set to 'true' if the device supports infinite-length LPCM streams.


Set to 'true' if the device supports HTTP chunked encoding.


Set to 'true' to hide matching devices from foobar2000 output device list.

Found devices

Shows a list of currently known devices present on the network. Double click a device to see additional information about it.