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[[Category:foobar2000 Preferences|Playback]]
[[Category:foobar2000 Preferences|Playback]]
= Preferences: Playback =
= Preferences: Playback =

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Preferences: Playback


Volume Control

Controls playback volume.


Controls playback ReplayGain settings. Note that these settings apply to playback only, not to conversion or other tasks. The Preamp section lets you adjust additional preamp for files with/without ReplayGain information - for an example, to make tracks that haven't been ReplayGain-ed yet quieter by default.

Total Time Played

Shows total playback time since foobar2000 was installed or configuration was reset.

Resume playback after restart

Enabling this feature will make foobar2000 remember currently played track and position each time when shutting down and resume playing it on next startup.