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General page

This is the General page. It contains general foobar2000 configuration information.
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Adding new files

These options deal with adding files using any way, whether it command line or drag and drop.

Sort incoming files by

This option defines the way files are sorted in playlist, just when added. By default, it's %path_sort%.

Restrict incoming files to

Type what filenames are allowed to be added. It supports ? and * symbols for masks. By default, it's * (asterisk, which means “all files”). As an example, if you set it to “*.MPC”, only MPC (Musepack) files will be added in future.

Exclude file types

Opposite to the previous options, this forbids filenames to be added. It supports ? and * symbols for masks. Empty by default. As an example, if you set it to “*.WAV”, no WAV files will be added in future.


These options deal with adding files from commandline (all other ways than opening from player or using drag & drop).

Bring to front when adding new files from commandline

Does what it says. If unchecked, will add files in background, without popping.

Enqueue incoming files by default when adding from commandline

If marked, adding new files will not overwrite contents of playlist tracks are being added to.

Always send to playlist

By default, foobar2000 adds files to the active playlist, this can be overridden here by checking the option and typing the name of playlist, eg “Temp”, or “Default”.


Enable user profile support

If checked, this checkbox will change the location where foobar2000.cfg is stored from the folder in which foobar2000.exe resides to the Application Data folder the local user's user folder.

Reset stop-after-current when stopping

One may use Playback > Stop after current in the main menu. Checking this flag will reset it after stopping.

Change selection with cursor when “playback / cursor follows playback” is enabled

Does what it says