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Preferences: Converter


Output File Names

These settings control names of files produced by the Converter component.

  • Single tracks : names of files produced by the "Convert To..." and "Convert to Same Folder" commands.
  • Album images : names of files produced by the "Convert to Album Images with Cuesheets or Chapters" command.
  • Previews : names of files produced by the "Generate Previews" command.

When encoding full album images or generating previews, relevant file name settings also control how source tracks are grouped into albums; for an example, when converting an inconsistently tagged various artists album, you can remove the "%album artist%" part to encode the offending album into a single file.

Encoding Presets

A list of currently configured output format presets.

Numbers shown in the "Avg. Bitrate" column are arbitrary; with most of presets they're based on typical bitrates produced by this preset on stereo / 44100Hz sample rate material. With custom presets, these numbers are user-configurable.

Presets corresponding to natively supported formats - currently WAV, AIFF and AU/SND - are permanent; they can't be configured, added or removed.

Output Bit Depth

Relevant when encoding to lossless formats only - lossy formats technically do not have any bit depth.

With these settings, you can control bit depth of created lossless files (such as WAV, AIFF, AU/SND, FLAC and WavPack).

The preferred bit depth setting is used to choose output bit depth when bit depth of the source file is unclear, for an example when the source file is in one of lossy formats. If you uncheck the "Keep lossless sources at original bit depth" option, preferred bit depth will also override source bit depth when converting between different lossless formats.

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