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Album List


Album List is a Media Library viewer that presents Media Library contents in a tree-like view.


List of views available in your Album List window. Each view's pattern is a title formatting string defining how the tree structure is built, with parts generating different branch levels separated with | characters.

Some of views use the %<field>% syntax - specific to the Album List component - that allows a single item to be present in more than one branch when the referenced field has more than one value. For an example: a track with two genre values: "rock" and "progressive" will be placed in a "rock, progressive" branch with %genre%, but in both "rock" and "progressive" branches instead with %<genre>%.


This section lets you override certain default tree view behaviors with custom ones.

Playlist Interaction

This section lets you customize how Album List's playlist interaction commands work.

See also: right-click menu commands on each Album List item.

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