Foobar2000:Mac Version 2.7 Preview Change Log

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(newest first)


  • CPU usage reduced.
  • ReplayGain scanner preferences typo fix.
  • Fixed more window position saving bugs.
  • Various cosmetic fixes.


  • Fixed preferences / output devices bugs.
  • Fixed playlist rename then reorder bug.
  • Fixed main window size not being remembered again.
  • Fixed regression preventing internet radio album covers from being shown.


  • Improved ReFacets performance.
  • Fixed erratic behavior if ID3v2 tag contains multiple date fields.
  • Suppressed advancing to the next playlist item if internet radio playback stops due to a network error.
  • File Operations: Added an option to overwrite existing files.
  • Suppressed repeating console messages about decoder shims used.
  • More thorough error reporting for blank WAV files.
  • Added stream_count info for formats that support multiple streams.


  • Implemented meta autocomplete in Properties dialog.
  • Implemented Ogg chapter support.
  • New major revision of bitcompare code, improved performance.
  • Allow local M3U referencing remote M3U to be both read as playlists, prevent HLS reader being used on non-HLS content.
  • Updated File Operations recycle bin detection logic.
  • Stop decoding ADTS AAC when running into APE tags, instead of reporting errors.
  • Report zero-length WAV files as broken.
  • Reduced memory usage.