Foobar2000:Mac Version 2.6 Preview Change Log

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  • Final release.
  • Fixed wrong reported length of certain RF64 WAV files.
  • Fixed obscure shutdown crash.


  • Fixed incorrect handling of certain rare Monkey's Audio configurations.
  • Fixed missing decode postprocessor (DTS/HDCD etc) for TAK.


  • Fixed internet radio search failing to play stations where referenced M3U playlist links multiple alternate streams.
  • Ignore malformed radio stream title returned by specific streams.
  • Fixed various table views no longer recognizing keyboard shortcuts (F2 etc) since the introduction of dark mode support.
  • Added an option to toggle additional decoding (DTS, HDCD, etc) during playback, so you can play DTS-WAV without decoding DTS.
  • Made possible to play plain MP4 (not DASH) files from HTTP servers that don't report content-length.


  • Added support for tagging Wave64 & RF64 formats.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in stuck playback if playing a short file with nothing else in playlist.
  • AAC: report longname as just "AAC" for LC (no "AAC / LC").
  • Last HE-AAC fix fixed Apple/FDK but broke Nero AAC gapless. This has now been corrected.
  • Made possible to play Vorbis muxed into MP4.
  • Prevented uninitialized Audio Unit adapter from stopping playback with an error.


  • Fixed missing HE-AAC delay compensation, breaking gapless playback of HE-AAC.
  • Monkey's Audio updated to 10.28.
  • Internal performance optimizations.


  • Made possible to read & write itunesalbumid & itunesartistid tags in M4A/MP4.
  • Implemented reading of multiplexed Ogg files.
  • Fixed bad handling of undefined-length chunks in WAV files.
  • Fixed stack overflow with specific archive files in indexed music folders.
  • Made MP3 VBRI delay reported and skipped correctly. Note that VBRI files are still not gapless.
  • Bitcompare: "dBTP" renamed to "dBFS", as there's no true peak math involved.
  • Monkey's Audio updated to 10.27.
  • Large playlist sort performance improved.


  • Fixed bad behavior when rewinding MP4 DASH files.
  • Fixed HTTP redirect handling regression which broke some radio stations.


  • Fixed PCM-in-MP4 decoding error regression.
  • Fixed specific cases of HTTP redirects being incorrectly handled.
  • Fixed missing "encoding" info field for AC3.


  • Fixed an embarrassing RAR regression that caused content of RAR archives to be extracted to the current directory while reading, failing to read archive if not possible to extract.
  • ReFacets sorting changed to match playlist & album list sorting.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of HTTP redirects with spaces in path.


  • Updated RAR unpacker code to the latest RAR library version.
  • Fixed build script regression causing foobar2000 to be codesigned with wrong settings, preventing third party code (signed by another developer) from being loaded.


  • Fixed DTS codec info for DTS in Matroska.
  • Fixed bug in Media Library preventing previously-unplayable files from being reindexed after installation of new decoders.


  • Rewrote external album art lookup code, wildcard lookup now works where it didn't before.


  • Equalizer visual glitch fixes.
  • Fixed recent Media Library regression causing shutdown lockup if watched network share isn't available.
  • Fixed nonsensical behavior of DSP manager if an active DSP was uninstalled.
  • Updated Monkey's Audio code.


  • Improved corrupted profile recovery (radio bookmarks database).
  • Changed how DSP settings are applied when playing through a high-latency output such as UPnP.
  • Updated Monkey's Audio to 10.23.


  • Fixed an exception handling problem that prevented DEAF Module Decoder component from working.
  • Made possible to read ReplayGain info from Musepack APE tags (normally it's supposed to be in Musepack headers).
  • Components page updates, added sorting, made components that failed to load listed and possible to remove.


  • With the previous build, once again Xcode 15, this time Release Candidate, set itself as the default then built broken fb2k that doesn't run on Big Sur. This has been reverted (to Xcode 14).


  • Various performance optimizations.
  • Suppressed unnecessary playlist rewrite on autoplaylist startup.


  • ReFacets filtering performance improved.
  • Enabled full UI replacement components.
  • Folder monitoring reliability fixes.
  • Made possible to decode float16 & float24 WAVs again.


  • Component support, similar to foobar2000 for Windows.
  • You can now extend decoders, outputs, DSPs and so on.
  • Full user interface replacement capability coming soon.
  • DEAF Module Decoder is no longer included, available as add-on component.


  • Stability fixes.
  • Fixed media library memory leak regression from a month ago.


  • Made autoplaylist sort logic work more consistently with v1.x, that is, sort by just date/album/etc implicitly applies default sort criteria to date/album/etc groups.
  • Made search query GREATER/LESS/EQUAL treat numbers as floating-point rather than integer.


  • Made TAK MD5 checksums read, allowing audio integrity verification.


  • Reverted from Xcode 15 beta to Xcode 14. Recent builds made with Xcode 15 beta weren't working on old Intel Mac running Mac OS Big Sur.
  • Added format selector to save playlist dialog.
  • Now using system sqlite instead of including it (smaller foobar2000 binary).
  • Fixed a race condition bug sometimes causing a slight delay before now playing track info appears.


  • FTP client now forces IPv4 (we don't currently implement IPv6 specific extensions).
  • Made possible to sort & reorder radio bookmarks.
  • UPnP output fixed default config typo, added format info in console feedback.


  • Fixed a very old bug with bad behavior of null output during audio buffer underrun.
  • Added "station details" in radio search.
  • WebDAV sources can now be accessed via webdav-http:// or webdav-https:// URLs.
  • Fixed a very old typo in titleformat_help.html $meta_sep() example.
  • Improved recovery from corrupted configuration files.


  • Bumped radiobrowser allowed JSON size, 4MB in last build wasn't good enough for all radio stations returned for some criteria.
  • Removed WebDAV folder listing support. It was causing endless bugs in HTTP reader (no obvious way to tell if WebDAV is supported on some URL or not). Will be restored along with ability to add WebDAV folders to library, and restricted to known WebDAV locations.


  • Internet Radio tech & frontend updates.
  • Another HTTP connection reuse regression fix.


  • Added Internet Radio dialog with radio-browser integration.
  • HTTP connection reuse regression fix.


  • HLS amended, ID3 in MP4 DASH work.
  • Fixed use-after-free bug in HTTP error handling.


  • Lots of FTP bugs fixed.
  • HLS radio fixes, made segmented MP4 DASH play.
  • Networking improvements, better read-ahead buffering performance.
  • Updated Monkey's Audio to 10.16.


  • Fixed a bug that caused current track restart in certain scenarios, such as rapidly changing playback settings.
  • Added standard %codec_long% field to properly display detailed names of all codecs.
  • Improved reporting of AAC & DTS codec/profile info.
  • Rewritten HLS reader, removed lots of hacks, made remote read-ahead used properly.
  • Greatly improved HTTP connection reuse, similar to recent FTP optimizations.
  • Rewritten full file buffer feature, no longer blocks until whole file has been read. Large FLAC files for an example should now open with no delay.


  • More aggressive HLS segment prebuffering.
  • Audio Unit bug fixes.
  • Added Audio Unit factory presets and preset export/import.
  • Internal Audio Unit config format changed, do not downgrade foobar2000 to older version if you use them.


  • FLAC decoder: log premature EOF, mark partially encoded files as bad even if they don't appear corrupted otherwise.
  • Audio Unit compatibility improved.
  • Fixed FTP compatibility regression, modland FTP works again.


  • Public beta versions are now called "preview" and have dates instead of numbers.
  • Fixed indefinite trailing silence with some Audio Units.
  • Added Audio-Stretch DSP.
  • Worked around specific internet radio server serving malformed Ogg FLAC headers.
  • Worked around specific internet radio server serving HLS segments with wrong both extension and content type.
  • Made possible to list WebDAV folders added via 'Add Location'.
  • HTTP client efficiency tweaks. If using HTTPS to access a password-protected resource, password is sent preemptively - old versions would send it only in response to server asking for it.
  • libopus v1.4
  • Improved FTP playback & listing, fewer connections used.
  • Made FLAC seektable tool also rewrite oversized seektables.