Foobar2000:Mac Version 2.5 Beta Change Log

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Beta 2

  • Fixed "Show in Finder" vs old Mac OS.
  • Fixed Media Library performing unnecessary tag reloads in some scenarios.
  • Editing 'rating' field no longer alters playback statistics database.

Beta 3

  • MP4 tagging: do not set Various Artists if itunescompilation is present but set to 0.
  • Fixed loading DSP presets not applying them in Preferences.
  • Crash bugs fixed.
  • Fixed library search by rating not working.
  • Switched to 64-bit floating-point for internal processing (was still using 32-bit in beta 1 & 2).

Beta 4

  • ReFacets sorting is now remembered.
  • Fixed beta 3 regression with 32 bits per sample output producing noise.
  • Reduced output reopen delay when input format (channel count etc) changes.
  • Suppressed library error log lines about folder.jpg etc inside archive files.

Beta 5

  • libFLAC 1.4, made possible to decode 32 bits per sample FLAC files.
  • Playlist manipulation performance fixes.
  • DTS decode_postprocessor now works, for decoding DTS in WAV, FLAC, etc.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior after a watched media library folder disappears then reappears.
  • Allowed blank meta values in metadb.

Beta 6

  • Shutdown crash regression fix.

Beta 7

  • Updated WavPack library to 5.5.0.
  • Updated Monkey's Audio library to 8.70.
  • Changed replacement for slash character in file naming.
  • Fixed a regression that made it impossible to play certain M4A HE-AAC files from remote (HTTP etc) sources.
  • Various ReFacets glitches fixed.
  • Made new library search implementation more robust.
  • Cleaned up Ogg reader, made possible to seek in remote (HTTP etc) Ogg files.
  • Fixed playlist sorting not respecting ascending/descending state.

Beta 8

  • Fixed Ogg seeking regressions from the previous beta.
  • libFLAC 1.4.1.
  • Rewritten asymmetric library search feature.
  • Library search speed optimizations, made more queries utilize search index.

Beta 9

  • Fixed internet radio playlist parsing bug.
  • Fixed incorrect MD5 verification of 32-bit FLAC files.
  • Fixed non-decoding of DTSHD files.
  • Added option to override DRC behavior on AC-3 audio.

Beta 10

  • Fixed failure to read specific odd FPL files.
  • Fixed race condition crash in module decoder.
  • Fixed failure to read specific XM modules (nothing added to playlist).

Beta 11

  • Fixed window position remembering bugs.
  • Closing main window now exits foobar2000.
  • Added Audio Unit DSP support.
  • Verifier: do not report ID3 tags in FLAC as corrupted file errors.
  • Fixed lockup bug with stale/dead net shares in Media Library.
  • Required Mac OS version is now 10.13.

Beta 12

  • Fixed a beta 11 regression causing "open...", "add folder..." etc to fail.

Beta 13

  • Audio Unit support improvements.
  • Enabled search indexing of file paths by default.
    • Because this somewhat affects performance and some people just don't care, an advanced option to turn it off has been added.
  • WavPack library update.
  • More compatible reading of exotic AIFF files.
  • Added sanitization of internet radio metadata as certain station was serving nonsensical sample rate info.
  • Improved compatibility with MP4 files made with yt-dlp.

Beta 14

  • Fixed various library search expression handling bugs.
  • Made FLAC tag updater kill ID3v2 garbage prefixing FLAC stream.
  • Made MP3 reader report MP3 frame count not matching Xing/LAME header info when verifying integrity.
  • Mac: Continuous dragging of Audio Unit sliders.

Beta 15

  • libvorbis is now used for decoding Vorbis format instead of FFmpeg, as some rare files continue to cause compatibility issues.
  • Updated Properties / Automatically Fill Values logic, better results if searched pattern appears more than once.
  • Fixed missing quotation mark recognition in new library search system.
  • More search regression fixes.
  • Rating field handling fixes - %rating% now looks up rating meta if no rating is present in the database.
  • Fixed archive content being invisible in Album List's folders view.

Beta 16

  • Rewritten search index for better performance.
  • Playback statistics feature is now powered by foo_playcount code, ratings & statistics pinned to metadata instead of location.
  • Fixed playback of 8-channel Vorbis, beta 15 regression.
  • Fixed various UI glitches.

Beta 17

  • Fixed various RIFF64 WAV reading bugs.
  • Fixed beachballing on app shutdown when indexed network shares cannot be resolved.
  • Improved Playback Statistics XML import/export, made possible to import XML written by old betas.

Beta 18

  • Fixed a bug resulting in nonsensical channel mask being passed around.
  • No longer recreates all DSPs when manually cycling tracks in playlist.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when adding Media Library folders via drag&drop from Finder.
  • Fixed total playback time not being remembered since beta 16.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some internet radio station names from being shown.
  • Made error message shown when an Audio Unit cannot be loaded, instead of appearing stuck.
  • Properties dialog blank value crash fixed.

Beta 19

  • Properties Autofill logic amended.
  • Album List & ReFacets: improved handling of | character in tags.
  • Made FFmpeg from homebrew etc auto-detected.
  • Fixed bad MD5 verification of AIFF sourced WavPacks.
  • Made Audio Units grouped by vendor.
  • Mitigated buggy ftruncate() on Windows network shares.
  • Reworked fb2k::configStore, now less prone to silly errors saving random configuration bits, should recover from momentary problems with the configuration file instead of crashing.
  • Better console logging if internet stream reconnect events.
  • Added zoom to cover picture viewer.
  • Fixed ugly downscaled version of image being shown after double clicking attached picture in Properties.
  • Fixed ugly scaling of cover art in playback controls bar.
  • Ported classic MP3 utilities (tag types, header editor, stream rebuild etc).
  • Module renderer update, fixed nonsensical looping behaviors.
  • Replaced "Scale" DSP with "Gain / Scale", made possible to edit gain value.

Beta 20

  • Audio Unit UI fixes, added reset button.
  • Better info reporting for lossless DTS files.

Beta 21

  • Exclusive audio output support.
  • Misc bug fixes.