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foobar2000 for ARM


foobar2000 v2.0 is now also provided as ARM64EC binary.

This means that it's compatible with emulated x86 64-bit (often referred to as "x64") code and can load components that have been built for x86 64-bit architecture.

Components can also be specifically compiled for ARM64EC, for better performance. A component can provide both x64 and ARM64EC binaries; foobar2000 for ARM will pick the optimal one to load - prefer ARM over x64.

Interoperation between x64 and ARM64EC components is seamless and requires no additional code.

System requirements

ARM64EC architecture is available on Windows 11 only.

Native foobar2000 for ARM requires Windows 11. Dropping this requirement would restrict compatibility to components specifically built for ARM.

If you want to run foobar2000 on Windows 10 ARM, you can still emulate legacy 32-bit x86 version.