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==== Playback ====
* [[MP3]], [[Ogg Vorbis]], [[MP2]], [[AAC]], [[WAV]], [[AIFF]], [[Musepack]], [[VOC]], [[SND]]
* [[MP3]], [[Ogg Vorbis]], [[MP2]], [[AAC]], [[WAV]], [[AIFF]], [[Musepack]], [[VOC]], [[SND]]

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foobar2000 is a free music player for Windows. It features multiple playlists, streaming, ReplayGain support, extensive plug-ins support and more.

Supported formats


Supported through plug-ins:

In addition, foobar2000 can also play music directly from compressed RAR, ZIP and 7-ZIP archives without requiring the user to extract the files prior to playing.

Supported languages

  • English

Supported platforms

  • Windows

No known plans exists to port it to other platforms, but attempts have been made, with varying degrees of success, to run foobar2000 on Linux systems by using Wine.

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