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What is a component

A foobar2000 component is a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) extending the functionality of the foobar2000 application.

A foobar2000 component implements one or more entrypoint services and interacts with services provided by foobar2000 core or other components.

Each component has a single exported DLL function, foobar2000_get_interface(), called on startup to initialize and discover entrypoint services your component. This function is generated automatically by the foobar2000_component_client module. Do not implement it yourself.

foobar2000 components are made using foobar2000 SDK and Microsoft Visual Studio.

See also: Visual Studio Compatibility, SDK Contents.

Packaging a component

Components are delivered to the user in form of fb2k-component file.

This is simply a renamed zip of your DLL.

If your component requires additional files, include them in the zip; foobar2000 will extract them to the folder containing your DLL upon installation.

Getting a component listed on

Register a forum account and contact Peter with info about your component.

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