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Displaying lyrics You can display the lyrics from under the View menu. Any song that is playing will automatically display its lyrics if they exist.

If you right click in the lyrics window, you can manually set display preferences such as font size and screen background colour.

Finding Alternate Lyrics

The plugin will automatically try to find the best lyrics it can. It will search for a lrc (lyric) file with timing information first. It will also look for a lyric file with the highest user rating.

However, the ratings may not reflect the song that is best, or the timing may be wrong for your version of a song. To see alternate lyrics, right click the lyrics display and select Search Lyrics. Look for any lyric file that is version 3 format and marked 'yes' for having timing information. It is best to skip to the start and end of the song to see if the timing information is correct or if the lyrics match your version of a song, or if you prefer the presentation of a particular lyrics file (eg. UPPER vs Word Capitalised lyrics). Once you've selected your preferred lyrics, select OK.

Fixing Timing of Lyrics

There are two problems that can occur with lyrics files that contain correct words to the song

(1) the version of your song is the same, but mastered slightly differently. This will result in all lyrics starting too early or too late, but each line is off by the same amount of time. This can be rectified by scrolling the mouse scroll wheel (over the lyrics display) until the timing of the lyrics is correct. If you don't have a scroll wheel, you can right click the display and adjust the timing manually by up to 1 minute (which isn't always enough, based on some lyrics files).

(2) the version of your song is not the same (eg live recording vs studio recording). In this instance, timings will have to be adjusted manually. Right click the lyrics display and select Edit Lyrics.

Saving Lyrics

If the plugin hasn't previously looked for lyrics, it will look for lyrics automatically when a song plays. If it finds lyrics, it will save them automatically.

If the plugin hasn't previously found lyrics with timing information, it will look for updated lyrics with timing information and overwrite the lyrics if it finds them.

If you already have lyrics with timing information and change them, or you adjust the timing of lyrics, you must save the lyrics for the changes to take effect. Right Click the lyrics display and select Save to keep these lyrics.