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Quick Tagger
Foobar2000 Preferences Quick Tagger.png
Developer(s) Peter Pawlowski
Release information
Initial release
Stable release 1.1.1
Preview release 2022-09-22
foobar2000 compatibility
Minimum version 1.6
Maximum version
UI module(s) N/A
Additional information
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Quick Tagger adds customizable context menu commands for quickly setting tag fields to preconfigured values (for rating and such). Can be used to bind keyboard shortcuts to quick simple tag modifications.

Example configuration:

  1. Tell Quick Tagger what settings it shall offer: Open Menubar > File > Preferences > Tools > Tagging > Quick Tagger
    1. Click "Add New", enter "Rating" in "Field Name" and enter "1;2;3;4;5" in "Values" field
    2. Set "Require confirmation before processing more than X tracks" to e.g. 5 in order to avoid accidentlyrating all your files
    3. Click "Apply"
  2. Restart foobar2000 to make "Set Rating" actions appear in next step
  3. Tell foobar2000 to call Quick Tagger via keyboard shortcuts, so it's quick & easy to set ratings: Open Menubar > File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Click "Add New"
    2. Enter "rating" in "Filter list by" to avoid lengthy navigation to "[context] > Tagging > Quick Tagger > Set <Rating> to"
    3. In the tree, click "1"
    4. Click into "Key" field and press e.g. CTRL+1
    5. Repeat steps above for 2..5 and for 0 to "Remove Field" i.e. setting no rating
    6. Click "Apply"
  4. Make the ratings visible in playlists: Open Menubar > File > Preferences > Display > Default User Interface > Playlist View > Custom columns
    1. Click "Add new"
    2. Enter "Rating" in "Name" field
    3. Enter "$meta(rating)" in "Pattern" field
    4. Select Alignment "Center"
    5. Click "Apply"
    6. In foobar2000's main window, in a playlist, right click column title bar > Columns > Rating.

To Make this work on Columns UI:

    1. In Preferences menu, go to Display->Columns UI->Playlist view
    2. Go to Columns tab
    3. Create the "Rating" column (click New to do this)
    4. Then click the "Display script" tab and paste the following code:


This will make the stars appear in the columns UI playlist. Also remember to disable the "Playback Statistics" (foo_playcount) component since it conflicts with your manually managed ratings (it erases the rating after 1 min of playback of the file).

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