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This component stores playback statistics (play count, first played date, last played date) in a tag like foo_playcount_mod, but has a faster response time. If the component is unable to write a tag, you can have it write the information into the custom_info database (this requires you to have foo_custominfo installed).


  • Writes playback statistics (play_counter, first_played, last_played) in tags
  • Allows you to select which information to be written
  • Allows you to select the tags where the information is to be stored: only in the tag, only in the custominfo database or in custominfo database only if tag cannot be written.
  • Allows you to select when the information is updated (when the song starts playing, when it has finished etc).

Default Settings

Note: All of the following can be changed

  • Default tag name for play count: %play_counter%
  • Default tag name for first played: %first_played%
  • Default tag name for last played: %last_played%
  • format of first played and last played is: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • Update playback statistics: when song has been played for 60 seconds


Copy the foo_playback_custom to foobar2000's components directory. Restart foobar.


  1. . Run foobar2000
  2. . Check to see that foo_playback_custom is installed by going to Preferences -> Components. Also, check to see if you are using the latest version
  3. . Go to Preferences -> Tools -> Playback Statistics Custom

Playback Statistics Update Timing

This option allow you to change when the plugin updates information:

  • Disable (Do not update)
 (self explanatory)
  • Update when a track is started
 (self explanatory)
  • Update when a track is ended
 (self explanatory)
  • Update when playback percentage is
 You can select a value between 1% and 99%
  • Update counter when playback second(s) is:
 You can set any value greater than 1 second

Playback statistics settings

  • Use the checkboxes to select which tags you want to write
  • If you want to use a different tag to store the information (e.g. Play_Counter instead of Play_count), type Play_count in the box next to the tag and press the apply button.

Other Settings

  • Only Tracks in media library update playback statistics

If selected, no information will be written to songs that are not in the media library

  • Store playback statistics with foo_custominfo database...

If selected, the component will write information to custominfo database if it fails to write a tag. NOTE: foo_custominfo has to be installed.


Q. I get a popup window when playback statistics is being updated. Is this normal?

A. Normally, the window shouldn't appear while using the component. it only appears when I/O processing time while writing the tag is long. The track might also stop playing.


  • While playing losssless files (e.g. Flac, APE, Wavpack, TAK) which are highly compressed, IO processing time can be long
  • Another component is trying to update the file information at the same time
  • Your Hard drive is slow/ fragmented


  • Use a lower compressed lossless file
  • Try changing the update time setting. (Usually components like foosic and audioscrobbler update at around 1 min.)
  • Defrag your hard drive

If none of the above works, use foo_custom_pc instead.