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Presents a Media Library query in a dynamically-generated playlist (under development).

Example usage

- Code goes to Query: field.
- If you use Sort format then you need to check "Keep entire playlist sorted".
- You can sort recursively by dividing each sort term by '|'. e.g. %artist% | %title%
- MISSING query doesn't work with %tagname%.
- HAS query only works right on string with no white space. If string has white spaces whether you
put it in double quotation marks or not, the query will always returns songs that have all the words
(not in any order)in it.

All songs in database


Missing Replaygain Album

NOT "[%__replaygain_album_gain%]" IS ?*

Add songs in a folder for example "Album Music"

%path% IS *Album Music\*

Those queries below require a playback statistic component like the official one (tagnames below are what it uses)

Never Played Songs

%play_count% LESS 1
%play_count% IS ?

A history playlist with songs played recently first

NOT %last_played% IS ?
Sort format: $sub(99999999999999,$replace(%last_played%,'-',,':',,' ',))

Newly added songs that haven't been played (also need added metadata provided by foo_cwb_hooks)

(NOT (%added% IS ?)) AND (%last_played% IS ?)