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Presents a Media Library query in a dynamically-generated playlist (under development).

Example usage

- Code goes to Query: field.
- If you use Sort format then you need to check "Keep entire playlist sorted".
- You can sort recursively by dividing each sort term by '|'. e.g. %artist% | %title%
- MISSING query doesn't work with %tagname%.
- The HAS operator searches for words, so it splits up the second operand at spaces; quotation 
marks serve mainly to delimit the argument, they do not imply that it is treated as a single unit.

Missing Replaygain Album

NOT "[%__replaygain_album_gain%]" IS ?*

Add songs in a folder for example "Album Music"

%path% IS *Album Music\*

Those queries below require a playback statistic component like the official one (tagnames below are what it uses)

Never Played Songs

%play_count% LESS 1
%play_count% IS ?

A history playlist with songs played recently first

NOT %last_played% IS ?
Sort format: $sub(99999999999999,$replace(%last_played%,'-',,':',,' ',))

Newly added songs that haven't been played (also need added metadata provided by foo_cwb_hooks)

(NOT (%added% IS ?)) AND (%last_played% IS ?)