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Example of the Windows 7 Integration component running on Windows 10.

The Windows 7 Integration component integrates foobar2000 with the Windows shell.


Preferences page.


Show progress bar
Enables a progress bar in the taskbar thumbnail, shown on top of the album artwork.
Show own thumb buttons
If it is installed, this option disables Column UI's toolbar icons, and uses the built-in icons instead.
Draw border around album art
Draws a border of a specified thickness and color around the displayed album art.

Thumb buttons

"Stop" button
By default, the following buttons are displayed: Previous, Play/Pause, Stop, Next. This option allows the Stop button to be hidden.

Taskbar button

Show progress bar
Enables a progress bar in the taskbar button. This functions in the same way that the Windows File Explorer will show the progress of a file operation (i.e. copying a large folder).
Jump list contents
Enables or disabled various jump list options.


Disable Aero Peek and Disable Flip3D disable the relevant Windows Aero options.

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