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Allows the use of Winamp DSP plugins.


  1. Choose "Winamp plugins path" with "Browse" button;
  2. Click "Rescan" button;
  3. Set bit-depth in "Fixed point conversion parameters"(details);
  4. Choose one of Winamp plugins from "Plugin list";
  5. Click "Show interface window" to show plugin settings window (if available);

Plugin setting window also available from Foobar2000 main menu: choose "Show Winamp DSP window" from "View" menu;

Known bugs and limitations

  • Version 1.4.1 - 1.4.4 startup crashes(how to avoid);
  • Supports only Winamp 2.0 compatible plugins;
  • Doesn't support plugins with Pitch control and Speed control functionality;

Sound quality issues

Due to difference in Foobar and Winamp architecture (Foobar has floating point audio chunks, while Winamp has fixed point ones), floating point to fixed point conversion (and vice versa) is necessary.

Conversion Bit-depth parameter can be set to:

  • 16-bit: low quality, failsafe. Choose this setting, if you encounter a problem while playback;
  • 24-bit: hi-quality;
  • 32-bit: highest quality.

Foo_dsp_winamp converter has built-in limiter to avoid audio signal clipping. Limiter is non-bypassing (i.e. always on), so if you want to keep signal spectrum close to its original, you should use Replay Gain subsystem.

How to avoid startup crash

  • For Foobar v0.9.6 and later: download the latest version of foo_dsp_winamp (1.4.5);
  • For Foobar versions prior to 0.9.6: you can avoid startup crash by removing dsp_sps.dll from C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins folder (it's a default path, check your winamp installation to find desired path). Than you can change "Winamp plugins path" in foo_dsp_winamp settings and put dsp_sps.dll back to Plugins folder.