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Description, Requirements

Foo_title is a plugin created to have a little titlebar available even when foobar is minimized. You can create and share your foo_title skins.

It requires .NET framework 2.0 to work and the syntax for skins in in .xml Supported image formats are those supported by the .NET framework - that is bmp, jpg, .png (for transparent images) and perhaps more.


First skin

Second skin

Second skin


You must start your skin with a header like this one:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
   author="Name of the Author"
   name="Name of the skin"
   width="width in pixel"
   height="Height in pixel">

The size of the skin can be overstepped as the size is adjusted automatically.


A layer is an element a kind of container. You can nest (imbricate) layers

The global structure of layers is as following:

   <layer name="name of the layer" type="type of content for the layer">
       <geometry type="Geometry type">
           Informations related to Geometry Type
           Information related to the type of content for the layer

Geometry type

The are two type: full and absolute.


<geometry type="full">
    <padding left="32" top="8" right="32" bottom="8" />

All sizes are in pixel.

The full type is useful for resizement. You only have to show the padding (space between the border and the layer).

Foo title4.png ==> Foo title5.png

The only thing important is padding (the blue area), not the size of the yellow element itself (But you are describing the yellow element)


<geometry type="absolute">
    <size x="78" y="78" />
    <position x="0" y="0" align="left" />

All sizes are in pixel

Here, you will have to indicate not only the size of your element but also its position.

Alignment is also important, if you want the x value to indicate padding from the right, use align="right".

Resizing the window won't change the placement or the size of each "absolute" element.


<geometry type="absolute">
    <size x="78" y="78" />
    <position x="13" y="1" align="left" />

Foo title6.png

<geometry type="absolute">
    <size x="170" y="78" />
    <position x="13" y="1" align="right" />

Foo title7.png


The contents part will indicate the kind of things contained in the layer and you will be able to specify information related to the contents type.

Graphic Elements


It is typically here to define a background. For this kind of content, there is 3 images needed, one for the left border, one for the center, one for the right border. The attribute repeat can be "true" or "false". True means that the picture will be repeated, false, it will be stretched. (Usually, stretched images can be quite ugly)

    <image position="left" src="left_back.png" />
    <image position="center" repeat="true" src="repeat_back.png" />
    <image position="right" src="right_back.png" />




Text Elements






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