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Seek (foo_seek), developed by Hydrogenaudio user grimes, is a component that offers different ways of seeking inside one or more tracks.


The component provides three features:

Seek lets the user play their tracks as previews, whose length can be chosen in the options from several lengths (in seconds); there is also a default length defined in the preferences. Therefore, in contrast to foo_preview, the user can quickly change the preview length on-the-fly whilst listening to the previews. Furthermore, the user has the option to begin the preview from a given point where they have clicked or dragged the seekbar, rather than from a fixed point.

Fast Forward/Rewind
This feature imitates the behaviour of seeking inside an analogue tape: a part of the track is played, then the playback jumps to a position further ahead or behind to play another part, and so on. The periods for both playback time and moving forward/backward are definable in Seek’s preferences.

Here the user can create a loop, whose length is again selectable in foo_seek’s preferences. Also, they can change the looped part of a track simply by dragging the seekbar. The preferences offer the option to start the loop in the next track either on a fixed point, or from a point where the user has clicked or dropped the seekbar. In the latter case, the user is able to compare the same part of a piece of music between different versions: by simply pressing the Next button, the loop repeats between the same time-points as for the previous track. Last but not least, there is a mode that offers a Repeat A–B functionality.

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