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Kernel Streaming Output


Kernel Streaming Output allows bit-exact playback bypassing Windows mixer.

With certain soundcards, Kernel Streaming mutes all other sounds while playing. However, this behavior entirely depends on soundcard driver implementation details and varies between soundcards. If you need all other sounds muted, consider using WASAPI instead.


Operating Systems

This component was originally written for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It is not guaranteed to cooperate with any newer Windows versions.

Kernel Streaming is known to work on certain Windows Vista configurations, but not with devices having native Windows Vista drivers (they're not shown as available KS devices in the output device list at all) - if you run Windows Vista, you should be using WASAPI instead.


This component is known not to work at all with certain hardware, such as certain laptop onboard audio devices.

Using Kernel Streaming may expose device driver bugs that can't be triggered otherwise and lead to system instability. Use this component at your own risk.