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CD Audio Decoder

Developer(s) Peter Pawlowski
Release information
Initial release
Stable release 1.6.14
Preview release
foobar2000 compatibility
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Minimum version TBC
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UI module(s) N/A
Additional information
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The CD Audio Decoder component is used for CDDA playback and ripping.


From the File menu, select Open audio CD... to view the "Open Audio CD" dialog box. Providing an audio CD is present, the following options will be available:

Drive settings

Read offset correction
Either manually enter, or automatically detect, the drive's read offset correction. Automatic detection requires the use of "reference" discs, which are stored in a database.
Ripping security
Select either "disabled", "standard" or "paranoid".
Limit drive speed while reading
Force foobar2000 to limit the drive's read speed.


Play the contents of the CD in a new playlist called "Audio CD".

Add to playlist

Add the contents of the CD to the currently-selected playlist.


Album information
Enter metadata for the entire disc.
Track information
Enter metadata for each track.
Information lookup
Use one of the available online databases to retrieve disc information. By default, freedb and MusicBrainz are available.
Verify with AccurateRip
Once the rip is complete, use AccurateRip to verify the accuracy of the extracted audio.
Proceed to the Converter Setup dialog
Open the Converter options to allow the configuration/creation of presets.
Rip now using one of the existing presets
Begin ripping/conversion using a preset selected from the dropdown box underneath.


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