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This page contains most Foobar2000 v0.9.x components available at time of last update.


Column UI

Columns UI (foo_ui_columns) Very popular alternate interface for foobar2000 based on a columns and panel layout.

Columns UI supports plugins with panel capability which extend the user interface.


GFX window (foo_ui_gfx) is a skinnable user interface, which doesn't only focus on looking good but tries to be as fast and "lightweight" as possible, too. It uses lua as scripting language. Two skins are included in the archive.

Panels UI

Panels UI (foo_ui_panels) gives the ability to manage multiple panels through titleformating.


Default user interface (foo_ui_std). Included in the standard installation package.

Panel type components

  1. Album Art Panel (foo_uie_albumart) Panel to display album art.
  2. Album Art Panel for matroska (foo_uie_albumart_mka) Albumart mod to read matroska covers.
  3. Album List Panel (foo_uie_albumlist) Displays the database in a treeview using customizable sorting methods (by genre, artist, directory, etc.)
  4. Bookmarks (foo_uie_bookmarks) Help you remember positions in songs.
  5. Console (foo_uie_console) Panel version of console. Displays diagnostic messages. Requires Columns UI 0.1.3 beta 1 or newer.
  6. Dockable Panels (foo_dockable_panels) It allows you to create windows that host columns ui panels as floating windows that can be attached to the side of the main foobar2000 window or each other.
  7. Egoh Spectrum Analyser (foo_uie_vis_egoh) Similar to the default spectrum analyser.
  8. Explorer Panel (foo_uie_explorer) Displays a treeview of selected disks/folders.
  9. Lyrics Panel (foo_uie_lyrics_panel) Display lyrics stored in file tags.
  10. Music Browser (foo_browser) Panels for Browsing Library, Similar to iTunes.
  11. Playlist Dropdown (foo_uie_playlists_dropdown) Displays the playlist in a dropdown menu.
  12. Playlist Tree (foo_playlist_tree) Tree based media library with many available customizations.
  13. ProjectM Visualisation Panel (foo_uie_vis_projectM) Based on the ProjectM project, which is a reimplementation of Milkdrop under OpenGL.
  14. Queue Manager (foo_uie_queuemanager) It provides a window that shows the queue's contents and allows you to delete parts of them or clear the whole queue.
  15. Quicksearch Panel (foo_uie_quicksearch) Search toolbar that sends results to a playlist.
  16. Single Column Playlist Viewer (foo_uie_single_column_playlist) Displays the playlist in a single column with "headers". Useful for creating a narrower and smaller layout.
  17. Tabs (foo_uie_tabs) Tabs allows you to break Pauli's Exclusion principle by placing multiple panels in the same position at the same time.
  18. Track Info Panel (foo_uie_trackinfo) Uses TAGZ to display information about a selected track.
  19. Track Info Panel Mod (foo_uie_trackinfo_mod) Improved Track Info panel with the ability to use multiple fonts in the same panel. Also has the ability to display images.
  20. WmpVis (foo_uie_wmpvis) Uses the visualizations from WMP.
  21. WSH panel (foo_uie_wsh_panel) Windows script host panel.


  1. 4Front Headphones (foo_dsp_headphones9) Effects for headphone users.
  2. ATSurround Processor (foo_dsp_atsurround) Reproduces surround sound information present in many stereo audio material and more.
  3. BS2D (foo_dsp_bs2p) Improves headphone listening of regular hi-fi stereo records.
  4. Voice Cut Filter (foo_dsp_centercut) Voice cut filter.
  5. Channel Mixer (foo_channel_mixer) Up/down mix to/from 1-6 channels.
  6. Convolve (foo_convolve) Takes impulse response and does a fast convolution of the sound data with that impulse response.
  7. Crossfader (foo_dsp_crossfader) Allows crossfading between tracks.
  8. Crossfeed (foo_dsp_crossfeed) Filters the music to help reduce fatigue caused by listening to music with headphones.
  9. Dolby Headphone Wrapper (foo_dsp_dolbyhp) Dolby Headphone engine DLL.
  10. Dolby Pro Logic II wrapper (foo_dsp_pl2) Dolby Pro Logic II engine DLL (dll not included).
  11. Downmix (foo_dsp_downmix) Downmix AC3, DTS, etc. to stereo.
  12. FreeSurround (foo_dsp_fsurround) It takes Dolby Surround / Pro Logic I/II encoded stereo music and decodes it into 5.1 sound.
  13. Gapless playback (foo_dsp_gapless) Skip silence at begin/end of tracks.
  14. LPCM - Delta-PCM Converter (foo_dsp_delta) Noise sharpening filter.
  15. OSS/3D (foo_dsp_oss3ddsp) Audio enhancement. SHAREWARE.
  16. Post-track Silence (foo_dsp_silence) Inserts a configurable amount of silence after each track to help external devices like MiniDisc players to sync track changes.
  17. Secret Rabit Code Resampler (foo_dsp_src9) Mega Nerd's Secret Rabbit Code sample rate converter.
  18. Skip Silence (foo_dsp_skip_silence) Detect and skip silence.
  19. Soundtouch (foo_dsp_soundtouch) Ajust pitch, tempo and rate.
  20. SSRC (foo_dsp_ssrc) Sample rate converter.
  21. Stereo Convolver (foo_dsp_stereoconv) Take stereo audio and convolve each channel with two impulse responses.
  22. Surround Pan (foo_dsp_span) WYSIWYG Surround panning.
  23. Tube Sound (foo_dsp_tube) Emulate tube sound.
  24. VLevel (foo_dsp_vlevel) Dynamic compressor which amplifies the quiet parts of music.
  25. VST Host (foo_dsp_vst) Adds support to Virtual Studio Technology audio interface.
  26. Winamp DSP Bridge (foo_dsp_winamp) Allows the use of Winamp DSPs.
  27. XOver (foo_dsp_xover) Implements this digital crossover to achieve active multi-amplification.


Music codecs

  1. AC3 Decoder (foo_ac3) Decodes Dolby Digital lossy audio compression technologies format (AC3).
  2. AC3 Packet Decoder (foo_packet_decoder_ac3) Needed for AC3 in Matroska.
  3. Acropolis's WMA decoder (foo_input_awma) Alternative WMA decoder with tagging support.
  4. ALAC Decoder (foo_input_alac) Apple Lossless (ALAC) decoder (has known stability issues: random crashes during decoding).
  5. DTS Decoder (foo_dts) Decodes Digital Theater Systems (DTS) audio format.
  6. Matroska Plugin (foo_input_matroska) Decodes Matroska audio container format.
  7. MIDI Synthesizer Host (foo_midi)
  8. Monkey's Audio Decoder (foo_input_monkey) Adds decoding support for Monkey's Audio files (.APE) as well as APE Link files (.APL).
  9. OptimFROG Lossless Audio Decoder (foo_input_ofr) Decodes both the Lossless (OFR) and DualStream (OFS) audio format.
  10. Shorten Decoder (foo_input_shorten) Decodes Shorten (SHN) audio format.
  11. SPDIF Passthrough (foo_spdif) SPDIF passthrough for AC3 and DTS files.
  12. TTA Audio Decoder (unofficial) (foo_input_tta) Decodes True Audio (TTA) audio format.
  13. WavPack Packet Decoder (foo_packet_decoder_wavpack).

Other codecs

  1. ADPCM Decoder (foo_adpcm) Plays GameCube ADPCM audio data and some. (DSP, ADP, GCM, HPS, STM, AST, etc.)
  2. Another Slight Atari Player (foo_asap) ASAP is a player/converter of Atari 8-bit music for modern computers. It provides high-quality, identical to the popular Atari800 emulator, emulation of the POKEY sound chip and the 6502 processor.
  3. DUMB Module Decoder (foo_dumb) Plays your favorite module files, and then some. (MOD, S3M, XM, IT, 669, PTM, PSM, MTM, UMX)
  4. Game Audio Decoder (foo_game) Plays Westwood's audio (AUD), Sierra's sounds (SFX/AUD), Core design's cd audio (cdaudio.WAD), Funcom's music (ISS), Rome Total War's IDX (.IDX/DAT), Timegate's format (RWD), EA's Pathfinder audio (MUS) and Ben Gerard's music (SC68).
  5. Game Emu Player (foo_gep) Plays several emulation formats. (GBS, NSF, SPC, GYM, HES, VGM)
  6. Ganbatte! (foo_ganbatte) Plays compressed Edlib (.d00, .d01) files.
  7. Lunar 2 PCM Decoder (foo_lunar2) Plays audio files found on the original Lunar: Eternal Blue CD (RP*.PCM).
  8. M1 Decoder (foo_m1) Plays arcade/pinball game sound.
  9. MDX Decoder (foo_input_mdx) MDX is a MIDI-like format that is designed to be played using the X68000's FM synthesizer.
  10. NSF Decoder (foo_input_nsf) NSF file is a sound data file containing instructions for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) sound hardware.
  11. PSF Decoder (foo_psf) Plays PlayStation Sound Format (PSF) files.
  12. Reverse (foo_input_reverse) Play music in reverse.
  13. SID Player 2 (foo_sid) Sound chip of Commodore's CBM-II, Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 home computers.
  14. S98 Decoder (foo_input_s98) Sound format for the NEC PC-98 microcomputer.


  1. ASIO Output (foo_out_asio) Adds ASIO output support.
  2. Kernel Streaming Output (foo_out_ks) Allows bit-exact playback bypassing Windows kernel mixer.


  1. Peakmeter for Columns UI (foo_uie_peakmeter) Displays the level for each channel in dB.
  2. ProjectM Visualisation (foo_vis_projectM) Based on the ProjectM project, which is a reimplementation of Milkdrop under OpenGL.
  3. WmpVis (foo_uie_wmpvis) Uses the visualizations from WMP. Panel version only.



  1. Alarm (foo_alarm) Starts playback at the specified period of time.
  2. Binary Comparator (foo_bitcompare) Performs binary comparison between two or more tracks and reports differences.
  3. Channel Usage Visualisation (foo_vis_channelusage) Channel Usage Visualisation.
  4. Common Services (foo_common) Common services.
  5. Component Versions Viewer (foo_version)
  6. Converter (foo converter)
  7. Cwbowron's Title Format Hooks (foo_cwb_hooks) Adds various global titleformat functions/variables, tagger window, new file tagger, and more.
  8. Decoding Speed Test (foo_benchmark) Measures decoding speed of audio files.
  9. EXTM3U Playlist Creater (foo_extm3u) Allow to save current playlist in the EXTM3U format.
  10. Feature Watcher (foo_whatsnew) Watches for added or removed features.
  11. File Integrity Verifier (foo_verifier) Checks specified media files for decoding errors.
  12. HyperIM (foo_2hyperim) Provides 19 media macros.
  13. iPod Manager (foo_dop) Experimental iPod plugin for foobar2000 0.9.2+, currently in alpha version.
  14. Logitech G15 LCD Display (foo_g15lcd) Control the LCD panel on a Logitech G15 keyboard.
  15. Menu Addons (foo_menu_addons) Adds a few shortcuts in menu.
  16. Pause On Lock (foo_lock) Pauses/unpauses foobar2000 on workstation lock/unlock.
  17. Pause on Lock (extended) (foo_lock_ex) Pause playing on workstation lock. Optimized for use with Windows XP/2003.
  18. Playlist Lock Test (foo_locktest)
  19. Preview (foo_preview) Play only part of each track in the playlist.
  20. Run (foo_run) Able you to run a external program with the foobar syntax.
  21. Run Commands (foo_runcmd) Search and execute menu commands.
  22. Scheduler (foo_scheduler) Plugin for scheduling actions like play, stop, system shutdown/wake up and many more.
  23. Send To Device (foo_sendtodevice) Add "Send to Device" feature.
  24. Shell Link Resolver (foo_lnk) Shell link resolver.
  25. Taskbar Remover (foo_notaskbar) Hides Foobar2000 from the taskbar, even when the window is normally visible.
  26. Unpacker for JMA archive (foo_unpack_jma)
  27. Unpacker for LHA archive (foo_unpack_lha)
  28. Winamp API Emulator (foo_winamp_spam) Designed to create a fake Winamp 1.x window which will act as a wrapper between applications written to use the Winamp API and foobar2000.


  1. Gasazip Lyrics (foo_gasazip) Search for lyrics and displays it in external window.
  2. LyricsDB (foo_lyricsdb) Search lyrics basing on song's artist title and sometimes album.
  3. Mini Lyrics (foo_ui_minilyrics) Lyrics viewer for synchronizing and displaying lyrics of the currently playing song.


  1. AMIP Wrapper (foo_amipwrapper) Complete now-playing plug-in for mIRC, PIRCH, Klient, Bersirc, other IRC and Mail clients, supporting full player control from mIRC, playlist search, clipboard integration, HTTP, dynamic image signatures, etc.
  2. Miranda IM Notifier (foo_mim_notify) Sends configurable information about the current playing song to Miranda-IM and shows popup windows with this info.
  3. MSN avatar changer (foo_uie_albumart_msn) Set currently playing song's album art as avatar.
  4. MSN Now Playing (alt) (foo_msnalt) Show the current song as "Now Playing" in MSN and MS Live messenger.
  5. On-Screen Display (foo_osd) On screen display of track information and volume bar.
  6. On-Screen Display GDI (foo_osd_gdiplus) Same as foo_osd but uses GDI+ for osd drawing.
  7. Pretty Popup (foo_prettypop) Display a moderately sized popup of song information when a new song plays.

Online database

  1. Audioscrobbler (foo_audioscrobbler) Audioscrobbler will send the name of every song you play on your computer to This effortlessly populates your profile to play radio you like and make personalized recommendations.
  2. Foosic Music Database (foo_sic) Sends track information to the foosic online database. You can currently view your top artist, album and track statistics with foosic. Now support FooID fingerprints.

Online radio

  1. MSLive (foo_input_mslive) Support for MMS and RSTP broadcast radio protocols.
  2. XM Radio Online Player (foo_xm) Allow you to listen to XM Radio channels over the Internet by using XM Radio Online.

Playlist tools

  1. Audioscrobble Charts (foo_scrobblecharts) Generate a playlist from an artist's chart. It also allows you to sort a selection in the playlist by the artist's charts.
  2. Audio CD Writer (foo_burninate) CD burning support (requires Nero to be installed on your system.)
  3. Autoplaylist Manager (foo_autoplaylist) Presents a Media Library query in a dynamically-generated playlist (under development).
  4. Bin Pack (foo_binpack) Creates playlists from a list with a maximum length.
  5. Command Playlist (foo_cmd_playlist) Add /playlist-activate:"Name" to the foobar command line to activate the named playlist.
  6. Cuesheet Creator (foo_cuesheet_creator) Cuesheet creator.
  7. Database Search (foo_dbsearch) Database search.
  8. Default Video Player (foo_default_videoplayer) Allows you to play your video clips from foobar playlist with default external player.
  9. Highlight Playing (foo_highlightplaying) Highlights actual now playing item even when the playlist has been broken.
  10. History (foo_history) Very basic song history.
  11. Inactive Tracks (foo_skip) Skips tracks that are marked via a tag as inactive.
  12. MeowDB (foo_meowdb) Takes the Media Library and outputs the results to a form and uploads it to your server using the cURL library.
  13. Navigator (foo_navigator) Advanced history component.
  14. Now Playing Simple (foo_np_simple) Simple now playing plugin to output formatted string to plain text file.
  15. Play Count (unofficial) (foo_playcount) (Obsolete) Keeps track of the amount of times, the last time, and the first time a track has been played.
  16. Play Count Mod (foo_playcount_mod) Unofficial playcount modded to supress the update tag popups.
  17. Playback Queue Viewer (foo_pqview) Playback queue viewer.
  18. Playback Statistics (foo playcount) Collects playback statistics for your Media Library content.
  19. Playback Statistics Custom (foo_playback_custom) Stores playback statistics in tags like foo_playcount_mod, with claimed faster response, and uses foo_custominfo db if file is unavailable for writing.
  20. Playcounter for foo_custominfo (foo_custom_pc) Stores playback statistics in foo_custominfo database, rather than tags or foobar2000.cfg. This component has now been integrated into foo_playback_custom. Please use that component instead.
  21. Playlist Bind (foo_playlist_bind) Synchronize playlist with contents of specific directory.
  22. Playlist Clear (foo_playlistclear) All playlists are cleared at startup.
  23. Playlist Manager (foo_playlist_manager) Playlist manager.
  24. Playlist Name Enhenced (foo_playlist_name_enhanced) Appends automatically playlist info ("items / length") to all playlist names.
  25. Playlist Tools (foo_utils) Provides various general commands.
  26. Playlist Tools for Matroska (foo_utils_mka) Provides various general commands.
  27. Queue Manager (foo_queuemanager) It provides a window that shows the queue's contents and allows you to delete parts of them or clear the whole queue. Non-ColumnUI obsolete version, try panel version instead.
  28. Randomized Playlist Entry (foo_random) Randomized playlist entry.
  29. Rating (foo_rating) Display an icon in the systray with a tooltip popup from which you can choose a rating between 1 and 5 for the currently playing file.
  30. Remove Played (foo_removeplayed) It removes tracks from the playlist once they've been played.
  31. Track Finder (foo_trackfinder) Displays a context menu that lets you quickly find songs based on their album title or artists name.
  32. Track Position (foo_trackpos) Provides a new context menu item "place after current playing", that allows you to place any tracks after the current playing one in the playing playlist.
  33. XSPF (foo_xspf) Adds XSPF support. XSPF is an open, XML based playlist format.

Remote control

  1. Advanced Controls (foo_advancedcontrols) Control all the playback functions from icons in the Taskbar Notification Area (play, pause, next, previous, open)
  2. Bluetooth Control (foo_bluetooth_ctrl) Control your favourite music player using your favourite Symbian-based bluetooth enabled phone.
  3. COM Automation Server (foo_comserver2) Allows controlling foobar2000 through COM Automation
  4. Control Server (foo_controlserver) Acts as a server to control Foobar2000. Connect with a telnet client and control it using ASCII commands.
  5. DDE Control (foo_ddecontrol) Control foobar remotelly with DDE interprocess communication (interface in japanese only).
  6. HTTP Server(foo_httpserver) Foobar HTTP Server Remote Control.
  7. HTTP Writer (foo_write_http) It's TCP/IP server that listens on a specified port for incoming requests such as play, stop, etc.
  8. Joystick Control (foo_joystick_control) Control foobar2000 from a joystick/gamepad.
  9. Minibar2k (foo_Minibar2k) Control Foobar2k from your PDA (PocketPC based).
  10. Remote Control (foo_remotecontrol) Adds support to Melloware Intelliremote software which claims to work with Creative remote control (Soundblaster Live!, Audigy, Extigy, Audigy ZS and Soundblaster X-Fi.)
  11. RM-1800 (foo_mr1800) Adds support of Creative X-Fi's remote (RM-1800).
  12. RM-X Media Edition (foo_rmx) Yet another plugin for remote control. SHAREWARE.
  13. Titlebar (foo_managedWrapper) Create a personal title bar that shows the currently playing song on the top of the screen all the time. It supports custom-made skins.
  14. WinLIRC Client (foo_lirc) Control Foobar from a remote control.


  1. Custom Info (foo_custominfo) Allows you to set info fields for files without modifying them.
  2. Discogs (foo_discogs) Retrieve info and album art from database.
  3. Freedb Tagger (foo_freedb2) tagger.
  4. Freedb2 Characters Fixer (foo_freedb2_fix) This plugin fix freedb2 problem - some native characters are broken. This masstagger addon can recovery its. Note: russian characters supported only.
  5. Live Show Tagger (foo_tradersfriend) Live show tagger.
  6. Masstagger (foo_masstag) Comes with official installer
  7. Masstagger Addons (foo_masstag_addons) Some addons for masstagger, including code page conversion and chinese conversion.
  8. Special File Info Box (foo_infobox) A replacement of the built-in file info box.