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An autoplaylist in is an auto-updating playlist based on a query, where tracks are added (or removed) automatically when the relevant query is met.

The difference from a normal playlist is that users cannot manually remove/crop/cut/paste individual tracks in the playlist – the options to do so are unavailable.


  1. Open the Album List via Library > Album List.
  2. Select the required view, e.g. by folder structure.
  3. Enter a query to return only the required results, e.g. %added% DURING LAST 2 WEEKS.
  4. Right-click All Music at the root of the structure (or one of its branches) and select Create Autoplaylist to create the playlist.

Once created, the autoplaylist can be renamed as required.

Updating the query

To update an autoplaylist's query, right-click the playlist and select Autoplaylist (Album List branch) ....

The selected branch from which the autoplaylist was created, e.g. All Music.
Filter Pattern
The query used to filter the list. Updating this will update the playlist based on the new conditions.
If enabled, tracks added are ordered based on the previously-selected filter, and the sort order cannot be changed manually.


Although the above outlines how to use autoplaylists via the Album List, the following components also support the creation/management autoplaylists:

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