Easy Audio Sync

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Easy Audio Sync

Easy Audio Sync running on Linux
Developer(s) complexlogic
Release information
Initial release 18 May 2023
Stable release 1.1.1 (February 8, 2024)
Preview release {{{preview_release}}}
Operating system Windows, macOS, Linux
Additional information
Use Full library transcoding
License Unlicense
Website [1]

Easy Audio Sync is an audio library syncing and conversion utility. The intended use is syncing an audio library with many lossless files to a mobile device with limited storage.


Easy Audio Sync is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.


Easy Audio Sync is compatible with Windows 10 and later. Download the installer executable from the latest release on GitHub, run it, and follow the guided installation process.


Builds are available for both Intel and Apple Silicon based Macs. Download the appropriate disk image for your hardware from the latest release on GitHub and install via drag and drop.


Builds are available for APT-based Linux distros and Fedora on GitHub. Otherwise, you can build from source according to the provided build instructions.


Easy Audio Sync operates based on a source folder and a destination folder, where the source folder contains the primary music library, and the destination folder is the desired output location. After selecting the source and destination folders, click the "Sync" button to start the sync. The program will recreate the source's entire subfolder structure in the destination, copying or transcoding files as specified in the settings. See the settings documentation on GitHub for help on configuring the program's settings.

The stop button next to the progress bar can be used stop the sync at any time. The worker threads are allowed to finish their current file operation before quitting to avoid leaving corrupted files in the destination. Consequently, it may take several seconds after the stop button is clicked for the sync to stop.

Supported Formats

The following audio formats are supported, per-mode:

Codec Copy Transcode Input Transcode Output
FLAC Yes Yes No
ALAC Yes Yes No
WavPack Yes Yes No
Monkey's Audio Yes Yes No
WAV Yes Yes No
MP3 Yes Yes Yes
AAC Yes Yes Yes
Ogg Vorbis Yes Yes Yes
Opus Yes Yes Yes
Musepack Yes Yes No
WMA Yes No No

Supported Encoders

The following encoders are supported for transcoding

Codec Encoder(s)
AAC Fraunhofer FDK AAC, Libavcodec AAC
Ogg Vorbis libvorbis
Opus libopus

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