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The configuration of Exact Audio Copy is the next step after installing EAC. Especially when you prefer high quality rips, a correct configuration is essential. But for the first-time user of EAC this might be a little difficult, because there are many options available with only few or no information about how to configure these. Bear in mind that there is not always the correct configuration which fits for all systems/purposes. An example would be the drive configuration, where the correct settings depend on the drive used.

So all these guides were created with the following in mind:

  • Configure EAC so that high quality and accurate rips are possible.
  • Provide the user also with background information about the technologies/functions behind the options so that he can decide on his own how to correctly set up EAC, rather than only running through these guides setting all the options as indicated.

The following guides are aligned with the EAC option menus which can be accessed through the EAC menu item:

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