Comparison of CD rippers

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Features Cdparanoiaa Exact Audio Copy dBpoweramp CD Ripper foobar2000 ITunes Windows Media Player CUETools XLD Rip MusicBee
Data acquisition
One track per file yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Image as single file   yes yes yes no no yes     yes
CUE sheet generation   yesb limited, more in beta limited no no yesc yes yes limited
gap detection   yes in beta no no no yes   yes no
Offset correction yes yes yes yes no no yes yes yes yes
HTOA   yes yes no no no yes     no
C2 pointers no initial pass initial pass, on re-reads no no no   yes initial pass, on re-reads initial pass
Defeat cache over-reading over-reading, FUA over-reading, FUA         yes yes yes
Additional features
AccurateRipd no AR1 AR1/AR2 in betad AR1 no no AR1 AR1 AR1 AR1
AccurateRip checking across pressings/offsetsd     in betad       yes      
CUEtools db no no no no no no yes no no no
log file yes yes yes   no no yes yes yes no
Metadatae no freedb, MusicBrainz (through mb2freedb) freedb, MusicBrainz, AMG, GD3, SonataDB freedb, MusicBrainz (plugin) gracenote, MusicBrainz (Mac-only hack) AMG freedb, MusicBrainz freedb, MusicBrainz freedb, MusicBrainz freedb, MusicBrainz
Download Album Art   no yes   yes yes       yes
Cost free free $36 (as listed) free free free free free free free
License GPL proprietary, freeware freeware, shareware freeware proprietary, freeware proprietary, freeware GPL GPL   proprietary, freeware
OS Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux/BSD Windows Windows Windows Windows, Mac Windows Windows Mac Mac Windows


  • ^a Cdparanoia is one of many frontends to the Paranoia library, libparanoia. Additional features not directly related to the ripping process might be supported in other frontends. See Cdparanoia.
  • ^b A number of different types CUE sheet types are available.
  • ^c The EAC-style "Multiple WAV Files With Gaps (Noncompliant)" type will be used in single track mode.
  • ^d AccurateRip has recently been extended with AccurateRip 2 which will add more security and will account for pressings with different offsets. More information can be found here and here. Currently AccurateRip 2 is only supported by CD Ripper R14 which is in beta testing.
  • ^e Dbpoweramp is unique in being able to compare metadata from several sources automatically to eliminate erroneous data. This function is bought as a subscription service called PerfectMeta™.