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fully featured CD ripping library
Developer(s) Christopher Montgomerry
Release information
Initial release {{{released}}}
Stable release 9.8
Preview release p10.0
Operating system Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux/BSD
Additional information
Use Extraction Library
License GPL


What is cdparanoia? cdparanoia is a bit different than most other CD-DA extration tools. It contains few-to-no 'extra' features, concentrating only on the ripping process and knowing as much as possible about the hardware performing it. cdparanoia will read correct, rock-solid audio data from inexpensive drives prone to misalignment, frame jitter, and loss of streaming during atomic reads. cdparanoia will also read and repair data from CDs that have been damaged in some way using interpolation and padding sectors with silence or 0 bytes.

cdparanoia is more or less the only secure ripper available for the Linux operating system (next to Rubyripper). Windows users can try CDex which includes cdparanoia functionality.


There have been series of bugfixes to cdparanoia, which date back to 9.8 release in 2001. Many of them include, patches, kernel interface changes (CD-ROM routines), and support for SG_IO (used for SCSI commands). These were done in preperation for the stable 10.0 release. This is the last release before cdparanoia IV, which will not be backwards compatible.

Ripping methods

CD Ripping software

This is a list of Digital Audio Extraction tools, which use libparanoia:


Mac OS/X


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