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cdda2wav showing disc info via the -J switch
Developer(s) Jörg Schilling
Release information
Initial release {{{released}}}
Stable release 2.01
Preview release 2.01.01a76
Operating system Platform independent
Additional information
Use Extraction Program
License CDDL

cdda2wav is a highly portable CD-DA extraction tool. It was written in 1993 by Heiko Eißfeldt for Linux. Starting in 1998 it was converted to use libscg as SCSI tranport and using libscg, cdda2wav has been ported to all recent platforms.

A version of cdda2wav from 1997 was used as the base for a patch that created the program cdparanoia.

After cdda2wav was made portable to to all platforms, the relevant parts of the program cdparanoia have been converted into a portable library called libparanoia by the cdrtools project and integrated into cdda2wav.

cdda2wav fetches CDDB information from freedb and extracts all known metadata (such as CD-Text, CD-Text like information from CD+extra disks, index lists and sub channel data).

cdda2wav is an intergal part of cdrtools since 1999.

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