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==External links==  
==External links==  
* [http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=52413&st=0&gopid=469106&#entry469106 FLAC command-line] advanced thread that shows user how to use FLAC as an external encoder
* [http://www.daefeatures.co.uk/search.php DAE Drive Database]  
* [http://www.daefeatures.co.uk/search.php DAE Drive Database]  

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This guide acts as a quick and painless way to make a lossless-backup with CDex and FLAC. It does not go into detail about configuring cdparanoia or transferring metadata over to appropriate files using external parameters, etc.

Software needed

Note: CDex should have native FLAC support already


Note: Guides assumes your output directory for your files has already been configured if not click on Options menu then click Settings and select Filenames tab


  • Open CDex and insert a CD into the drive
  • Click the Options menu then click Settings and select Encoder tab
  • Change Encoder drop down menu to FLAC Encoder DLL
  • Change the box so that On the fly Encoding is checked off
  • Change the appropriate compression setting level (default: -compression-level 5 |
best: --compression-level 8 )
  • Click OK
  • Highlight selected tracks you want to extract and click toolbar button second from the top (Extract CD track(s) to Compressed Audio File(s))
  • By default cdparanoia will open up and begin extracting tracks from your default CD-ROM drive to the appropriate folders


FLAC configured with CDex on the fly

CDex and CUE Sheets

  • CDex has limited support for creating CUE sheets in current beta release

See also

External links