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What DVD/CD-ROM should I get for Secure Extraction?

Nearly all DVD and CD-ROMs can be used for secure Digital Audio Extraction (DAE). There are very few drives that can't do this, so chances are, the one in your machine can be used by Exact Audio Copy, CDex, CDParanoia, etc.

However, as you may have noticed, not all drives are terribly fast at secure DAE. Below are a list of companies that produce drives that are good for secure digital audio extraction.

- Plextor - This company produces high quality DVD/CD drives that are amazing for secure DAE (unfortunately, such quality comes at a price, and Plextor drives are often the most expensive ones for sale). In addition, Plextor maintains a software program called PlexTools, which is a powerful product that allows users to utilize their drive in unique ways. One thing it can do is secure DAE, and it can sometimes outperform other well known secure DAE programs. However, it can only be used with Plextor drives.

- LiteOn - This company produces many of the fastest drives available for secure DAE.