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| maintainer = [https://github.com/jherby2k/ Jeremy Herbison]
| maintainer = [https://github.com/jherby2k/ Jeremy Herbison]
| stable_release =  
| stable_release =  
| preview_release = [https://github.com/jherby2k/AudioWorks/releases/tag/v1.0.0-beta1 1.0.0 beta 1]
| preview_release = [https://github.com/jherby2k/AudioWorks/releases/tag/v1.0.0-beta2 1.0.0 beta 2]
| preview_release_date = 2018-12-10
| preview_release_date = 2018-12-20
| operating_system = Windows, Linux, MacOS
| operating_system = Windows, Linux, MacOS
| use = Digital Audio conversion, tagging
| use = Digital Audio conversion, tagging

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PowerShellAudio Logo

Cross-platform, multi-format audio conversion and tagging module for PowerShell
Developer(s) Jeremy Herbison
Release information
Initial release {{{released}}}
Stable release
Preview release 1.0.0 beta 2 / December 20, 2018
Operating system Windows, Linux, MacOS
Additional information
Use Digital Audio conversion, tagging
License GNU LGPLv3
Website GitHub project

AudioWorks is a PowerShell module (and .NET library) for converting and tagging audio / music files. It is available under the Lesser GPL (v3) license, and runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. AudioWorks replaces PowerShell Audio.


  • A unified interface to popular codecs (see Supported Formats).
  • Runs under PowerShell Core on Windows, MacOS and Linux (Windows PowerShell 5.1 is also supported).
  • Utilizes advanced SIMD, multi-threading, 64-bit addressing and low-allocation memory structures for the fastest possible encoding.
  • Includes EBU R.128-based ReplayGain "2.0" analysis and tagging.
  • Seamless tag preservation and conversion between formats (including cover art).
  • PowerShell interface brings powerful integration and scripting capabilities.
  • The API is open-source, well-documented and extensible.

Supported Formats

Supported languages

  • English (translation help wanted!)

Example usage

For up-to-date examples, run

   Get-Help about_AudioWorks.Commands

The various cmdlets are also documented here.

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